Become a member of the Bug Brigade! (171116 - 16:14)

Dear Generals, You think you're the best in your corps? You think you're destined to greater things? Then become a member of the glorious Bug Brigade! To fix bugs more effectively in the future, we need the active support of our community. ...

Changes to the jumping mechanic (151116 - 16:19)

Dear Generals, one of the game mechanics allowed units to jump directly into cities when within close combat range. This way, some marching time could be saved. We now reduced the radius in which units are able to jump into the cities, to make saving time still ...

The CAVALRY enters the battlefield (+ balancing changes) (101116 - 16:01)

Dear Generals, the ground is shaking as the CAVALRY enters the battlefield. Combine swift mobility with deadly strength to defeat your enemies before they even know it. Yes, this is the moment you have all been waiting for and it is finally coming!


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