True Soldiers - Our mission for more activity on maps (230517 - 16:52)

Dear Generals, to unite the Supremacy 1914 community, we started our mission for more activity on maps a while ago, which reaches its next milestone with this update. We will make all 40+ player maps ‘Join Only’. This means: Certain maps will be generated by the ...

Armies are marching and Servers are moving (080517 - 18:15)

Dear generals, we are aware that some of you have experienced temporary problems with some of your games. Today we would like to provide some background information about these issues. In the past weeks we have been working on overhauling our server infrastructure and ...

Oh, Sweet Victory - Higher Winning Rewards! (030517 - 13:53)

Dear Generals, You spent months of fighting, putting your life and honor on the line. You endured and suffered, it’s finally time for you to get properly rewarded. Your courage and endurance now bear fruits, as we increased the winning rewards for the ...


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